liz loving life.

i'm bess...or liz, or elizabeth, depending on how you know me. lover of life, collector of thoughts and songs and Sharpies. Can't make up my mind between Folly and Raleigh...I love them both. I think that the most important meal of the day is that first cup of coffee and a good conversation, even if it's just with yourself. I live for the first day of Spring when you don't even need a jacket in the morning, Wolfpack football, and fireworks. Just taking it one day at a time and trying to enjoy everything that my little life has to offer...

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#colors #cleanroom #home #spoleto (Taken with Instagram)

Jumped on the #Birchbox bandwagon! #july2012 (Taken with Instagram)

It’s wine time!!! (Taken with Instagram at P.I. Bar & Grill)

View from my potentially haunted hotel!!! (Taken with Instagram at Partridge Inn)

Missing this right about now… (Taken with Instagram at Embassy Suites at Kingston Plantation)

No place I’d rather be!!! (Taken with Instagram at Embassy Suites at Kingston Plantation)

Pretty presents!!! (Taken with instagram)

Baseball Bingo! #gopack (Taken with Instagram at NC State Doak Field)

Happy Birthday, NC State! Without you, I for sure wouldn’t be who I am today. So proud to be part of the PACK! 

Today’s snapshot would look pretty similar to yesterday’s, just swap out Bright Lights, Big City for American Psycho. I’m really digging the 1980s/NYC-based/glam fiction genre right now. (I think I just made that up, but it fits…)

Hoping this cures what’s ailing me! (Taken with instagram)

Upper King Downtown Charleston #aqua #palmtree (Taken with instagram)

Sunset on my last evening in Charleston (Taken with Instagram at Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge)